Cocréa is an improvisational partner dance practice for developing presence, opening gateways to creativity, empowering mindful leaders and followers and generating authentic connection in relationship.

Want to Dance? 

“These instructors will push your boundaries and make you a better dancer, not lead or follow, but both. They will help you find what you are capable of and will do it in a loving, compassionate and safe environment. Learn from these folks, where, when, how you can.”
– Joshua Block, Nova Blues dancer, Edmonton, Alberta

Cocréa in Paradise

Shift your Paradigm. Move into profound connection and enjoyment of being in a body. We are moving past the old limiting beliefs that hold us in shame of our bodies and the pleasure they can yield. Join us for 4 days and 5 nights of exploring and unlocking that pleasure through movement, music, good friends, good food and the simple joy of being in nature.

Pioneering a New Renaissance through Movement

View Wren LaFeet’s TEDxTalk to see where Cocréa has evolved from.

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