Filmed at Atlan Center on the 2014 summer solstice. Live music by Water Dropz. All movement improvised. Such gratitude for these culture shifters and environmental stewards putting their money where their mouths are.
We feel blessed to be collaborating with people who care about the future of our planet and are actively revisioning how we can live in sustainable, generative community.


“I feel strongly that Nomad Dance’s commitment to promoting community, social consciousness, balance and well being through movement serves as an excellent example to dance students, especially those who are considering a career in the dance profession… a truly remarkable ability to create an open and positive environment where students feel safe to explore new ideas through movement.”
- Megan Slayter, Assistant Professor of Dance, Western Michigan University



Benefit from an improvisational partner dance practice engaging in presence with others, increasing your body awareness, opening gateways to your creativity, and establishing authentic connections.


“These instructors will push your boundaries and make you a better dancer, not lead or follow, but both. They will help you find what you are capable of and will do it in a loving, compassionate and safe environment. Learn from these folks, where, when, how you can.”
- Joshua Block, Nova Blues dancer, Edmonton, Alberta


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