Wren LaFeet

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I started dancing before I was conceived, for my parents met on the dance floor. I learned Swing and Salsa for a production of West Side Story, and continued to explore in the tail end of the swing boom of the 90s in San Francisco. Through high school and college, I trained in theater and dance, acting, choreographing, writing and directing for my Bachelor’s degree at University of Washington. I’ve produced, co-produced and performed in original works of theater and film, created and run a Vaudevillian partner dance troupe, The Harlequin Hipsters, for 4 years, and now tour internationally teaching Cocréa.

Viewing partner dance as a microcosm of society and a metaphor for relationship, I invite people on a transformational journey towards unified consciousness through movement. Speaking the common language of the body, I help access the keys for profound relating in all areas of life.

I am a recognized TEDx speaker, serve on the advisory board for the DanceFirst Association and am allied with organizations such as Tribal Convergence Network, Seven Seeds Farm and Co~ for a more sustainable future.

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Antje Martina

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Coming to the US from Germany at the age of twelve, I grew up with my feet constantly in more than one culture. I’ve always felt a passion for dance and the connection to both body and spirit that moving and music provide. Stepping into the world of transformational festivals in 2009, I discovered a new, vibrant outlet for my dancing and a meeting place of cultures. I discovered a passion for bridging and cross pollinating ideas between communities that drives my work today.

Discovering partner dance in 2012 upon meeting Wren, I was propelled into learning a new way to communicate. I love the freedom of expression and the simultaneous ability to have a conversation through movement that Cocréa supports. My focus is on how partner dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and transpersonal co-creation.





Other Offerings

Other movement styles we are thrilled to offer instruction in:

  • Blues Dance
  • Swing Dance/Lindy Hop
  • Hip-Hop, Whomp-Hop and Urban Contemporary
  • Danyasa™ Inspired Yoga