Every class in this list can be taught as a 60 – 90 minute class. We also offer extended three-day retreats and weekend long workshops that delve more deeply into embodying Dance as Life, and most of these classes can be incorporated into these longer offerings. To read a little more about the content of these events, visit our Cocréa page.

Clowning is NOT Funny
We are here to do a job. It is not our job to be interesting. It is our job to be interesTED; in the dancer’s case, in their partner. Drawing from and in gratitude to the work of Avner the Eccentric and his long lineage, this class will introduce some basic principals of clowning and how they can be used to increase your presence, trust and innovation in your social dance (as well as life). In order to truly enjoy life we have to first become fully complicit with it. It wants us to play.
Connection: The Butter Zone
The corner stone of any partner dance is a solid and supple connection between two people. This class dials in the ideas of frame and tone and endows dancers the presence and awareness required to adjust in real time, finding the perfect connection with each new partner.
Conversational Dance: Freedom from Convention
We all want to be heard, but it’s hard when both people are talking! The art of listening is one of the subtlest and most challenging, especially when you’ve got something burning to say. We’ll focus on giving and taking space in both lead and follow roles to the purpose of creating a fluid give and take in which both people are listening AND responding in real time. REALLY FUN especially to faster music! 🙂
Borrowing techniques from Aikido, Qigong, and Suzuki, this class is all about harnessing your own center in order to show up fully. We approach partnering from the conviction that to be an effective co-creator, you’ve got to master yourself first. If interdependence is the goal, self-confidence and trust are the tools to get there.
Following Like A Boss (advanced)
Just cause you’re following, don’t mean you don’t get to have ideas. Just the opposite. This class empowers the follow to find moments to assert themself and express the musical ideas the lead might not be picking up on. Requires the lead to develop deeper listening and creates a more dynamic and balanced dance. Pairs nicely with “Conversational Dance”.
Fusion Aerials
Generally speaking, aerials have largely been discouraged on dance floors for one simple reason: people don’t know how to do them SAFELY, or when it is appropriate to do them. Building on years of Lindy Hop and musical theater performance experience, this class explores how to execute aerials properly, and toning them down to fit within a Fusion floor craft context.
Fusion Floor-craft and Fundamentals
Unlike many established partner dances out there, Fusion isn’t a wholly predictable dance. This is a primer class in which we cover the dos and don’ts of the Fusion floor and de-bunk some of the preconceived notions about Fusion.
Fusion Musicality: Isolating Elements
Dancing the layers within a song is one of the unique facets of fusion that makes it so fun. We’ll learn to identify different rhythmic patterns within one song from both percussive and melodic sources and how to communicate fluid transitions and sudden changes between them safely and artfully.
Hijacking the Lead
Sometimes, a follow’s just gotta be assertive. This fits loosely under the category of conversational dance, but works better when there is a more explicit lead-follow relationship. Hijacking as a follow is all about switching up the status quo and when done well adds a great deal of dynamism and flare to a dance. Safety and technique highly emphasized.
Hip-Hop Essentials
The world of Hip-Hop offers so many versatile movement ideas to incorporate into our dance. Because so much Fusion music draws from the sonic lineage of Hip-Hop, having an understanding of the genre’s movement helps us relate to the music intimately. This class explores basic footwork, rhythm patterns, posture and styling.
The Infinite Spiral: A Dynamic Approach to Rotation
This workshop on turns and spins approaches the subject by viewing them as simply space being created and filled. Armed with proper technique to protect our bodies, we’ll explore fun and unique ways to create new turns and rotation sequences on the fly. Experience greater body awareness and spontaneity in your dances.
Lyrical Taffy
Reach into the spaces between the notes and beats in this hip-hop inspired lyrical class. Find the subtle moments to hit here and there where it’s really going to add to the dance and learn the control necessary to give that feeling of gliding to your movement. Stretch with the music as your partner’s limbs blend and meld with your own.
Lyric Flow and Percussive Throw-Downs
A solo class developing dancer’s specificity and contrast within their musicality married with harnessing their core. Moving from lyrical voices to more percussive voices inside of a 1/4 note’s length and having the body and mind awareness to sense when and how that’s possible. Employing techniques from ballet, Danyasa™ inspired yoga and hip-hop, participants will be able to go from hyper-kinetic krumping to a one-legged, dancing version of Trinity from The Matrix.
Name It, Frame It, Change It
Sometimes you don’t want to say anything, and those are sometimes the exact moments when ya have to. This is a communication class designed to give dancers the experience of clearly stating when something is happening that is making them uncomfortable, and giving them tools to change the situation without alienating their dance partners. Bringing in Authentic and Compassionate Relating practices, and reflective listening, this is next generation dance instruction synthesizing spoken and unspoken language.
Owning Your Liquid Self: Blues in a Fusion Context
We have the capacity to move in incredibly fluid ways with all these limbs of ours. Using the Blues vernacular, this class teaches the juicy qualities of blues with different musical contexts and helps dancers craft smooth, elegant, and unified dances.
Partner-techture: Dynamic Communication through Movement
Partner dance is a metaphor for life. As we push and pull on one another, we elicit different responses, just as in our off-the-floor interactions. In this workshop we will fine tune our connection and frame viewed through the lens of non-violent communication. Become more attentive listeners and responders to the purpose of sensing and obtaining consent, learn how to be more sensitive to changes in our partner’s state and watch your dance unfold in new, amazing ways.
Physics for Dancers
Rotation. Momentum. Velocity. What does it all mean?! And more importantly, how can you harness these forces of nature to make your dancing more dynamic and exciting? This class will explore the metaphor of dancers as planets orbiting, accessing movement by looking at vectors; bring more juicy, elastic connection into your dancing and discover how to use rotational force to create a perpetual flow of easeful and delightful play.
Playing With Levels
Most partner dances stick to one upright body posture. Not so with Cocréa. We can play in the extremes of levels our bodies can occupy in space. We’ll explore how to bring these different levels into our partner dance as a fun component as it aligns with certain musical elements.
Powerful Subtlety
A solo hip-hop inspired class building into a combination that emphasizes the power of small. Advanced core techniques and across-the-floor movements will prepare you for a super fun, short combination reveling in the mischievous potency of the slight. Think a step or two above micro-movements and allow feelings of glee at your tiny tricksyness to read in your face.
Relishing Space within Electronic Music
In other styles of partner dance like Lindy Hop or Blues, we’re counting the beat and keeping a regular rhythm throughout a dance with a few notable breaks and pauses. In this fusion of the dances, we’re focusing on suspending, changing up and elongating our movements by accentuating breaks and an often spacious musical arrangement. We’ll take a specific look at these movement qualities and gaining more precise body control to highlight moments.
Slowing It Down
Employing the dynamic torque and close embrace found in Blues dance, this class is all about stretching the movement and waiting for the moment to emerge even if that moment looks like stillness.
Softest Strong Arm in the Galaxy
This class is all about making the most of open position. Listening and responding to subtlety, having fine tuned awareness to your partner’s center as it moves or doesn’t move through space and relishing the opportunities to free-style while staying in connection.
Spinaesthesia: Jedi Music Appreciation
What if you could convey your experience with music to another using your body and your dance as a conduit for the music to move through? What if sounds became tastes, or textures? Deepen your understanding of music to co-create a full sensory experience in movement catapulting your partner and you into kinesthetic bliss.
Suzuki: The Art of Moving Without Trying
This physical theater training technique born of the atom bomb (like Butoh) trains the actor (or dancer in this case) to use as little effort as possible in your movements, even though it might look like what you are doing requires intense effort. Through slow tempo exercises and the implementation of highly specific movement, dancers will become more intimately in tune with the minute parts of your bodies, shed habitual movements that aren’t serving your dance and open the doors to deeper levels of feeling and expression.
Switch It Up
Lead or follow? Why not both!? The world of dancing switch is wondrous and keeps one on one’s toes! We’ll cover elegant ways to move easily and clearly from one role to the next without missing a beat.
Tone On and Off Ramps: Control When You Want It
Tone and frame are things we’re constantly working on refining. In this workshop we’ll learn some games and work on fine-tuning our sensitivity to our partner to a hair pressure awareness, registering changes in frame and momentum at a split-second’s notice. Bringing attention to how this affects our musicality and tightens up our floor craft will also be elements we explore.
Turn It Up
This class is all about rotation! We at Nomad Dance think of turning as creating and filling space, and we’ll explore how this unique way of looking at turns will change your dancing in fun and dynamic ways. Technique of proper turns will be covered, and then promptly messed with. 😉
And That’s The Third Time I Talked Myself Out of the Guillotine!
An improvisational acting class for dancers… well, for anyone really. Come play some games, tell some tall tales and learn how improvisation can save your life. It will likely improve your dancing as well.