Connection and Understanding through Movement

photo: Eric Parthum
What is Cocréa?

Embracing life as a dance, Cocréa is a continually evolving holistic movement modality intended to bring individuals into strong, empowered, expressive relationships with their bodies.

Based in the structure common to many of the world’s social partner dances – mainly American vernacular Jazz dance, as well as the spontaneous play of improvisational theater, dancers invite and allow an easeful flow of ideas to emerge through listening and responding in presence to the moment. With its origins in the Fusion partner dance movement, which has been hugely inspired by the resistance dances of Blues, Swing, Hip-Hop as well as Cuban Salsa and Tango, the practice is to meet one another where we are, join and blend energies and engage in an explorative movement dialogue working towards liberation of the body and the co-creation of coherence and ultimately unity. As we hone this dynamic, kinetic toolbox, we emphasize connection, communication and creative expression between two people within a community of others.

At its core, Cocréa is a practice of adapting to life’s emergent changes through a process of allowing, accepting and embracing. Cultivating intuition and feeling to guide the partnership, our centers and frames to support it, Cocréa celebrates and opens space for our ability and our journey into embodying joy through being in a body moving in harmony with other bodies. One central curiosity along the lines of mindfulness is questioning the Cartesian view of the separateness of body and mind, and seeking a more integrated, holistic experience of being human.

Weaving threads of consciousness, culture and intimacy, the practice focuses on how movement can enhance and expand relationship of all kinds into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and collective healing and transformation.

photo: Eric Parthum

Why Partner Dance?

Dancing in intentional connection with others offers a wealth of benefits. It has been shown time and again how necessary it is for us humans to engage in healthy, physical contact with one another. We hold this truth at our core and endeavor to offer spaces for this need to be met in a good way. Building upon this foundational aspect of our humanity, Cocréa™ opens doorways to finding versatility and ease as we move through life.

Improve Communication
Improve awareness and sensitivity to emotional and physiological states of other people.
Practice listening to verbal and nonverbal cues.
Calm the mind to increase presence and attentiveness to another person’s sharing.
Increase emotional intelligence.

Embody Consent
Practice asking for and giving your full embodied No and enthusastic Yes.
Honoring and respecting boundaries.
Interpreting and understanding body language.

Build Confidence
Practice taking risks and trying new things in a supportive environment.
Become more comfortable with spontaneously expressing yourself through movement.
Enjoy the experience of feeling grounded in a powerful, fluid body and calm, curious mind.

Practice Community
Add variety and fun to your week through playful interaction with likeminded people.
Gain skills you can teach to existing dance partners.
Experience a sense of belonging within the larger Cocréa™ and Fusion communities.
Connect online with national and international Cocréa™ community.
Have fun and laugh with new friends.

Expand Creativity
Open new neural pathways of self-expression through exploration of dance form and a diversity of music.
Strengthen and integrate all the parts of your body to support that expression.
Release self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from being fully expressed.
Develop trust in the phenomenon of emergence and learn to be guided by the moment.

Enhance Somatic Awareness
Discover movement of your body as a living wisdom within you.
Develop stronger body awareness for more graceful movement.
Master spatial awareness for greater ease of movement in daily life.
Find flow as you move through your world.

Questions we invite you to contemplate:

What if you could convey your experience with music to another using your body and your dance as a conduit for the music to move through?

What if you felt empowered and safe to dance with every person you passed on the street? What if they felt the same? Just… what if?
A few of the concepts Cocréa workshops explore:

  • Spinaesthesia – “Jedi musicality.” Sensing music as movement in your body.
  • Conversational dance – blurring the line between lead and follow.
  • Polarity in partnership – dancing with non-duality and hence, all the places along the spectrum while being curious about where dynamism emerges or not.
  • Technique – dancing sustainably, setting yourself up for a lifetime of dancing.
  • Radical Presence – being aware of everything that’s happening in your body, with your partner and the space around you, all of the time, no matter what.