Wren LaFeet

Creator and Facilitator

I am a passionate lover of life and devoted believer in the collective genius and imagination of humanity to co-create a harmonious planet. My personal mission is to embody this genius in service to the whole through physical and vocal expression and presence. My training and travels have led me through a life in theater (since age 12) and dance (since age 15), earning my BA in Drama and Dance from University of Washington in 2007, and founding my own Vaudevillian dance troupe and somatic education and event space in 2008 and 2010 respectively, both of which had their beautiful season. I am an experience creator, and bridge-walker, continuing to play in the worlds of film, live performance and event production with organizations and artists such as Beloved Presents, The Polish Ambassador, ReInhabiting the Village, and OneDoorLand StewDios.

Weaving the threads of collaboration, cross-pollination and co-creation, my work with Nomad Dance (founded in 2011) and Cocréa Conscious Partner Dance synergizes the emotional potency of music, the awareness of physical theater, and the ecstatic nature of dance with the structure and form of language. Towards the vision of fully realizing our potential and using our instruments to the zenith of their ability, Cocréa and its contemporaries in the realm of conscious dance practices represent an emerging symbolism and language beyond words and the separation they reinforce. I envision and dream of a world birthed of the question: “What if every person you encountered was a potential dance partner, proficient in the language of connection and unified movement?” From this vision, I anticipate a culture of radically beautiful co-creators, unified in peaceful co-existence.

I am a recognized TEDx speaker, certified Danyasa™ inspired yoga instructor and certified Skills for Change coach. My work with dance has earned me invitations to speak for The Body Intelligence Summit and the Conscious Dancer Magazine podcast series, and I am a Gene Keys affiliate envisioning a thriving human race in balance with our beautiful home planet.

For more information on the Gene Keys, an amazing tool for personal discovery that deeply informs us in all areas of our lives, work and unlocking our genius, please visit their site and explore!

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Antje Martina Schäfer

Co-Creator and Facilitator

Coming to the US from Germany at the age of twelve, I grew up with my feet constantly in more than one culture. My passion for movement to music has been a prime connector to spirit and source of joy, as well as a gateway to finding connection to others in community. As my bi-cultural upbringing ignited the desire to strive for deeper understanding and communion with all humans, dance has revealed itself as a perfect parallel to life in this diverse world.

Accessing the rich creative community of San Francisco, I discovered a gift for bridging and cross-pollinating ideas between communities, a passion that still drives my work today. I tested my own creative powers through the world of art and music event production and tapped into new, vibrant outlets for my dancing and personal discovery through transformational festivals of the West Coast beginning in 2009.

Through discovering blues and fusion partner dance in 2012, I became exposed to a whole new level of connection made possible through movement. Awe-inspired, I envisioned the first Connexus, a day-long conscious partner dance event, which Wren and I co-produced six months later.

My focus is on how the dance can enhance and expand relationships into a deeply connected, honest and powerful tool for personal, interpersonal and transpersonal co-creation, discovery, and appreciation. I have spent the last year weaving my life experiences with the dance as an active co-creator of the Cocréa teachings of ‘dance as life’, while simultaneously being schooled again and again, by our students and of course, life itself.



The Gene Keys

Gene KeysThe Gene Keys are about living a life of genius. Genius is an often-misunderstood word. Every one of us is born a genius. It’s not about having a huge intellectual capacity – it’s about finding your higher purpose in life – that thing that sets you apart from all others. It’s about finding that thing of greatest beauty inside you and releasing that into the world. We have all seen, heard of and perhaps even met human beings with extraordinary qualities – people who radiate a presence or a sense of the beyond – and who seem beyond the suffering of the rest of humanity. And yet these kinds of states are the natural flowering of our human evolution, and they actually exist inside us as a dormant potential in our DNA. The Sole purpose of the Gene Keys is to unlock that vast potential inside yourself.

For more information, visit www.genekeys.com


Onedoorland Synergenius Stew + Dios

OneDoorLand Arts and Healing Sanctuary is tucked away in deep South East Portland. We are co-creating a living model of conscious community, urban permaculture, visionary art, and vibrational medicine using light, sound, and Tea Ceremony. This Community of Art Monks is devoted to Self-Cultivation and Loving Service to Humanity. We create inspirational media to share more beauty and truth with the world, through our production company OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew+Dios. Through the Alchemy of deep introspection and artistic expression, we help one another unlock the immense creative potential hidden within us all. We create Artist Portraits, Music Videos, and Project Documentation to help illuminate our collective magical reality.

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