Dancing Cocréa™: A Weekend of Kinetic Bliss and Connection in Motion

A synchronistic collaboration between Nomad Dance, Ecstatic Dance Houston and Crazywood Art and Movement Center.

Feb. 28th – March 2nd, 2014
Nelson Teaching smallThis immersive weekend experience is about giving you the tools to understand, practice, share and enjoy a versatile, emerging new dance form. Dance classes will provide you the freedom and opportunity to create and move beyond what you know, to evolve with another, to break through resistance and share joy, to move consciously, spontaneously and creatively with like-souled beings. In creating a dance so organic and at the same time intimately connected that it appears as if there is no distinguishable “basic step”, the focus of these classes is on technique.


• Spinaesthesia – Jedi musicality. Sensing music as movement in your body.
• Conversational dance – blurring the line between lead and follow.
• Gender alchemy in partnership – understanding polarity within the dance.
• Technique – dancing sustainably, setting yourself up for a lifetime of dancing.
• Radical Presence – being aware of everything that’s happening in your body, with your partner and the space around you, all of the time, no matter what.

At the core of learning this dance, we’ll examine how you can trust another and invite others to trust you. In all your interactions, engaging this connection with honesty and purity is what enables all other actions to flow freely and effortlessly setting the foundation for a life of ease and grace… with no scarcity of wild abandon. 😉

No partner necessary. All are welcome.
All will learn how to lead and how to follow.


Nomad Dance offers transformational somatic training that expands consciousness and revolutionizes the way in which people connect with one another. The practice we teach, Cocréa™, draws from over 15 years of dance and theater experience. We synthesize swing, blues, hip-hop, contemporary dance, physical theater training, clowning, comedy, modern spirituality, theoretical physics and dynamic rhythmic structures inspired by an eclectic world of music inviting individuals into an experience of ecstatic play, developing intimacy while holding sovereignty and enjoying kinesthetic bliss in partnership. All ages, ranging from teenagers to senior citizens alike have been overwhelmingly pleased with this work.



3:00pm       Arrival & Registration with David Kirshbaum:
(get oriented, sauna, hot tub, relax)
6:00pm       Dinner
7:00pm       Opening Circle with Wren, Antje, John & John w/ Authentic Relating
8-9:30pm    DanceEvolution’s Ecstatic Barefoot Ballroom with SunShine


8:30am       Danyasa™ Inspired Yoga warmup
9:30am       Breakfast
10:30am      COCRÉA Module I – Honor the Center + Authentic Relating w/ John
12:45pm     Recess
1:00pm        COCRÉA Module II – Partner-Techture
2:30pm       Lunch
3:30-5pm     COCRÉA Module III – All Things in Elasticity and Grace
7:00pm       Dinner
8:00-11pm   COCRÉA Fusion Dance with DJ sets by Wren & Antje


9:00am       Meditation into Vinyasa Yoga warmup
10:00am      Breakfast
11:00am      COCRÉA Module IV – Way of the Sacred Clown
12:30pm      Recess
12:45pm      COCRÉA Module V – Alchemizing Polarity Through Jedi Musicality
2:15pm       Lunch
3:30pm       COCRÉA Module VI – Embodying the Matrix: Whomp Hop & Dance Practice
5:00pm       Closing Circle + Authentic Relating Reflections with John
6:00pm       Bon Voyage’ Hugs until we meet again (left overs served)
Beloved Workshop 9 small


Enjoy two and a half days at the beautiful and spacious Crazywood Art and Movement Center. Crazywood is located between Austin and Houston, in a historic forest village, and features a floated maple dance and yoga floor, an art gallery, as well as water spa features. The former art deco building has been transformed into a regional and community destination for movement and artistic expression. Come dance, be fed amazing food (included in registration), relax, dream alongside kindred spirits and learn how to be your most inspired self.


Included in your registration are:

  • All classes and dances Friday evening through Sunday evening.
  • Meals during your stay.
  • Access to the water spa and garden
  • One-on-one time with instructors and facilitators

Please send payments via this PayPal link below, or contact SunShine at

We have three payment tiers you can play at. The Super-Early Bird, Earlier Bird and Just-In-Time Bird.

Super-Early Bird: good from NOW until January 15th!
Earlier Bird: Jan. 16th until Feb. 10th
Just-In-Time Bird: Feb. 10th until Day of Event!

Thank you everyone who has registered so far! It’s really is shaping up to be a truly transformational event. Please continue telling your friends! Bring on the juicy authentic relating!

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A special thank you to Chip Hankey for making the connection that made this event possible! Thank you to Liz Ganz for finding the TEDx video and showing it to everyone.
And thank you so much to SunShine Samadhi Strahan and John Smithers for believing in our vision!