Fusion Partner Dance Weekend with Wren LaFeet

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Help us create the best event we can by letting us know you’re coming in advance. Scholarships can be available to those in need, trade for working the event or? $70 full event price will be available to the first 30 people that register before January 19th. $85 after.

Housing for the weekend

Friday *in Grass Valley
Golden Empire Grange
11363 Grange Ct, Grass Valley, California 95945

6pm Connection: The Butter Zone
The corner stone of any partner dance is a solid and supple connection between two people. This class dials in the ideas of frame and tone and endows dancers the presence and awareness required to adjust in real time, finding the perfect connection with each new partner.

7pm Conversational Dance: Freedom from Convention
We all want to be heard, but it’s hard when both people are talking! The art of listening is one of the subtlest and most challenging, especially when you’ve got something burning to say. We’ll focus on giving and taking space in both lead and follow roles to the purpose of creating a fluid give and take in which both people are listening AND responding in real time. REALLY FUN at any tempo! 🙂

Dance 8pm to 11pm *Grassvalley

Saturday *in Sacramento MOVE studio 600 Broadway Sacramento 95818

2pm CoreCraft
Borrowing techniques from Aikido, Qigong, and Suzuki, this class is all about harnessing your own center in order to show up fully. We approach partnering from the conviction that to be an effective co-creator, you’ve got to master yourself first. If interdependence is the goal, self-confidence and trust are the tools to get there.

3pm Following Like A Boss (advanced)
Just cause you’re following, don’t mean you don’t get to have ideas. Just the opposite. This class empowers the follow to find moments to assert themself and express the musical ideas the lead might not be picking up on. Requires the lead to develop deeper listening and creates a more dynamic and balanced dance. Pairs nicely with “Conversational Dance”.

4pm Fusion Floor-craft and Fundamentals
Unlike many established partner dances out there, Fusion isn’t a wholly predictable dance. This is a primer class in which we cover the dos and don’ts of the Fusion floor and de-bunk some of the preconceived notions about Fusion.

5pm Fusion Musicality: Isolating Elements
Dancing the layers within a song is one of the unique facets of fusion that makes it so fun. We’ll learn to identify different rhythmic patterns within one song from both percussive and melodic sources and how to communicate fluid transitions and sudden changes between them safely and artfully. *ends at 6pm

7pm beginning lesson
Justin Alonzo and Tawnie Elizabeth Gadd

Saturday Dance at FH5 2014 9th street 8pm till 12pm

Sunday *in Sacramento

2pm Hip-Hop Essentials
The world of Hip-Hop offers so many versatile movement ideas to incorporate into our dance. Because so much Fusion music draws from the sonic lineage of Hip-Hop, having an understanding of the genre’s movement helps us relate to the music intimately. This class explores basic footwork, rhythm patterns, posture and styling.

3pm Physics for Dancers
Tension. Compression. Momentum. What does it all mean?! And more importantly, how can you harness these forces of nature to make your dancing more dynamic and exciting? This class will explore the metaphor of dancers as planets orbiting, accessing movement by looking at vectors; bring more juicy, elastic connection into your dancing and discover how to use rotational force to create a perpetual flow of easeful and delightful play.

4pm Tone On and Off Ramps: Control When You Want It
Tone and frame are things we’re constantly working on refining. In this workshop we’ll learn some games and work on fine-tuning our sensitivity to our partner to a hair pressure awareness, registering changes in frame and momentum at a split-second’s notice. Bringing attention to how this affects our musicality and tightens up our floor craft will also be elements we explore.

5pm Turn It Up
This class is all about rotation! We at Nomad Dance think of turning as creating and filling space, and we’ll explore how this unique way of looking at turns will change your dancing in fun and dynamic ways. Technique of proper turns will be covered, and then promptly messed with.

Sunday Dance at Move Studios 600 Broadway 7pm till 12:30am
full weekend pass $70 advanced purchase $85 @Door
Fri pass 2 classes + Dance $18 adv Door $20
Sat pass 4 classes + Dance $45 adv Door $50
Sun pass 4 classes + Dance $45 adv Door $50