Fusion Flow

Crafting the Fully Embodied Flow of Your Partner Dance

ODL Phoenix
Cocréa blends the connected, structural integrity of social partner dance, with the organic, blissful expression of free dance. Together, we learn to listen and respond in every moment to co-create spontaneously and practice presence to move together as one.

In this day-long beginner-intermediate skill level workshop, the intention is to move into delightful refinement and clarity of expression from our foundational understanding of how our body likes to move in partnership and on its own.

Saturday, March 26th
12:00pm – 5:00pm

At Madrona MindBody
200 Battery Way,
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Emphasis on:

  • simplicity, specificity and dynamics of movement with/to the music that inspires us.
  • engaging depth and precision of co-creation in dancing “switch”.
  • dropping in deeper to states of flow through embodying presence.

In addition to technique that will improve our connection to partner, expect practices drawn from mindfulness work to enhance our connection to self, music, and thus our present moment awareness. Use your tools – tone, extension and compression, frame, rhythm – and interweave ideas such as curvilinear pathways, directionality, texture (part of Spinaesthesia), kinesthetic awareness, and others for clarifying and expanding your expression; craft your practice of making every dance a fully embodied model of your exquisite, wild and unique kinetic voice in concert with another!