Intermediate Weekend Workshop, Nelson, BC

Cocréa: A Revolution in Embodied Awareness
Dancing Cocrea @ CrazywoodBuilding on previous workshops, this weekend is for past Cocréa students and those fluent in other partnered dances excited to refine an embodied listening movement practice. Those comfortable with the concepts of frame, connection, and rhythm are encouraged to register. For new comers interested in experiencing Cocréa, and weekend participants desiring a refresher on these techniques, we’re offering a 3-hour beginning class on Friday night.

•Intermediate Weekend Workshop•
March 28th-29th
at The Moving Centre
533A Baker St.
Saturday 12:00 – 5:00pm
Sunday 1:30 – 4:30pm

This workshop will explore:
~Rhythmic Improvisation Patterns in Percussion and Melody
~Suspension of Movement, Slow Motion and Liquid Embodiment
~Awareness Refinement and Body Language Fluency

Early Bird: $130 ~ before March 15th
Regular: $150

Eva Chobanuk

•Beginning Class for New Students•
Friday, March 27th
The Old white Church Hall
602 Kootenay Street

This class will explore:
~Foundational Vocabulary of Partnered Movement
~Techniques for Conversational Dance
~Authentic Connection Practices

Early Bird: $40 ~ before March 15th
Regular: $50
Workshop Participants: $25

***Guided Cocréa Dance Sunday Night!***
Starts promptly at 6pm with warm-up. Ends by 8pm.
Open to ALL!
~Included in Weekend Workshop~
photo: Eric Parthum
Eva Chobanuk