Nomad Dance is returning to the City of Dreams! Antje and I are super excited to be bringing a new format, new content for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers and another Fusion dance at Madrona. YES!

This weekend dance experience is about giving you the tools to understand, practice, share and enjoy a versatile, emerging new dance form. For those of you looking to expand and develop upon your foundation, we’re excited to be offering more advanced classes in Whomp-Hop (solo movement), Dancing Polyrhythms (advanced musicality), Finding your Sacred Clown (physical comedy for dancers) and Crafting your Core (physical theater training). Dance classes will provide you the freedom and opportunity to create and move beyond what you know, to evolve with another, to break through resistance and share joy. Physical comedy and theater classes will push you beyond the movement of the dance and into crafting your own unique style that you can build and grow into. In creating a dance so organic and at the same time intimately connected that it appears as if there is no distinguishable “basic step”, the focus of these classes is on technique.


Friday, FEB. 7th, 6pm – 9pm: Fusion Primer
Foundational skills for this versatile and super fun partner dance form! Learn how to connect with anyone staying centered and present, listen and respond to subtle changes in your partner’s body and use this communication tool for co-creating epic, improvised dances to ANY music!

Saturday, FEB. 8th, 1:30 – 4:30: Cocréa Fusion: Beginning/Intermediate
Delving into Spinaesthesia (musicality), developing your presence to everything in your experience and Crafting your Core (physical theater training) so you can stay grounded and balanced no matter what is happening will be the focus of today’s play.

Wren and Lessa dance at Portland Underground Exchange III. photo: Drew Tronvig

Wren and Lessa dance at Portland Underground Exchange III. photo: Drew Tronvig

Saturday, FEB. 8th, 6:30 – 7:30: Beginning Blues Dance with Special Guest Instructor Lessa Jay Lamb!
Learn this sweet and enjoyable dance rapidly growing in popularity across the country and internationally. Set to early American roots music, this is an ideal dance to combine with all kinds of music as it uses a very simple basic step and is largely improvisational. Lessa will focus her mastery on techniques for beginners and intermediate dancers alike. All levels welcome!

Sunday, FEB. 9th, 5pm – 8pm: Intermediate/Advanced Fusion Technique
Whomp-Hop (electronic & hip-hop fusion solo dance), clowning and deepening musicality all serve as integral components to fully engaging the practice of Cocréa™ Fusion. These more advanced classes are accessible to folks who have been dancing for a while and want to layer in complexity and depth to their dancing, and will challenge those signed up for the full weekend to push their comfort zones and learn something totally new! YES!

7:30PM – 10:30PM
Your DJs will be Wren LaFeet and Lessa Lamb!


If you need a place to stay while you’re here, you can check out our Homestays FB group and connect with some locals out here for housing. Port Townsend peeps are super awesome and friendly so don’t be strangers!
Facebook Page for Home Stays



For these workshops in this growing Fusion community, we’re offering the option of taking three different tracks: beginning, beginning/intermediate and intermediate/advanced. You can also opt to take all three as one weekend package.

FULL WEEKEND (Friday – Sunday)
$120 (includes all classes dance)

$45 each (includes dance)

Sliding scale dance only $6 – $12, dance + lesson $12

Choose which track you would like to register for and click the “Buy Now” button to be forwarded to PayPal. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to dance with you!

Register with PayPal here!

If you are from Port Townsend and would like to register with a human being, you are welcome to contact our associate and stellar human being, Sarah Peller.

We are so very stoked to see you on the dance floor! Many blessings and see you soon!