What is “Play It Forward”? It is a wake up call to recognize and explore our Value as distinct from the Federal Reserve’s value of us. It is an invitation to embody the phrase, “Give your GIFTS to the World.”  If an event we offer is advertised “Play It Forward,” it means that event is FREE FOR EVERYONE. No questions. No expectations. It is OUR GIFT TO YOU.


This is an experiment to see if we can break open our minds beyond how we have been taught to assign value, and open our hearts to a new way of doing business and of living. Don’t think too hard. Do you want to come to this event? THEN COME. Don’t worry about how to give back right now. You’ll know when you know. And the inspiration to simply and freely GIVE will arrive.

No money will change hands at a “Play It Forward” event, and none will be asked. If you would like to donate to Cocréa so we can more easily continue offering this work to communities, you are always welcome to on our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/cocrea. What we invite you to consider, is how can you give a “uniqual” (unique+equal) value into YOUR community that you receive from this Cocréa event?


It is becoming clearer from recent events that the demise of the way things are and have been is accelerating. We have a few choices, but the most exciting to us is figuring out WHAT THINGS ARE REALLY NECESSARY in this human game, and then deciding WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS LEGITIMATELY WORTH to us in real terms; not some made up monetary value, but OUR ACTUAL WORTH. As a human, what are you contributing to your community (most importantly) and to society (only slightly less important)? In the coming years we believe it is our communities that we gather, dance, learn, play, exchange, work through conflict and grow with that are going to be among the most necessary of things. What can YOU GIFT your community with that will have real impact, real meaning, real benefit? You have something valuable, and we can’t wait around until you develop it, brand it, figure out what number dollar sign to put on it, market it, and for the individuals who REALLY NEED IT to gather the money together to give it to you so we can receive that benefit. WE WANT IT. WE NEED IT.

Do you trust enough to receive what you need when you need it, to GIVE FREELY what you have NOW?