“These instructors will push your boundaries and make you a better dancer, not lead or follow, but both. They will help you find what you are capable of and will do it in a loving, compassionate and safe environment. Learn from these folks, where, when, how you can.”
– Joshua Block, Nova Blues dancer, Edmonton, Alberta

What people are saying about Cocréa workshops and events:

“These are staple somatic practices you’re teaching in a totally different context. It’s non-verbal consent without the new age fluff and it WORKS.”
-Buster Rådvik, Founder and Owner at Embodied Intimacy

“Wren and Antje are incredible dancers as well as beautiful teachers. I found their class fun and expansive … they are teaching so much more than dance. They teach how to connect to your truest self through dance!”
– Eric Plantenberg, Founder of Freedom Personal Development, Bend, OR

…what you are doing with Cocréa is truly unique and immensely important in our world today.”
– Rev. Dr. JoyBeth Lufty, former president of The Sacred Dance Guild

“Eloquent, articulate and talented, …spreading the consciousness of connection through the lens of partnered dance far and wide.”
– Mark Metz, Creator/Editor of Conscious Dancer Magazine

“Cocréa is the next evolution of conscious dance.”
– Barbara Aman, Sebastopol Soul Motion facilitator

About Cocréa Retreats

“Dancing Cocréa is the future of structured ballroom dancing taken to a higher level of creativity, of inner experience and beauty.”
-Aryana Rose, Dance Facilitator for Dance Evolution, Houston

“I felt a level of aliveness I have never felt. Following taught me how to listen and empowered me as a leader. I would recommend this work to anyone who wants to work on leadership skills.”
– Christina Tonan, participant in Dancing Cocréa Weekend Retreat at Crazywood

“I have always loved to dance, but had limited vocabulary and some dense blocks preventing me from feeling comfortable in social dance settings… I feel like I have deepened my connection with my own body, learned a new and delightful language, and received techniques to commune with others in a more profound way. And it was fun and easy. I am so excited to go out and dance!”
– Niema Lightseed, Yoga teacher and Poetess, Weekend Workshop participant – www.niemalightseed.com

About Dancing with Wren and his Teaching

“Because of you – your energy, your approach and everything, Ted and I have been closer than we have been in a couple of years. It was like some barrier was removed and we felt our connection again – I have no insight or explanation but there was some true healing that occurred… we consider you a healer and better than any couples therapist we’ve ever known.”
-Carol Meer, Massage Therapist

“The new voice of conscious dance.”
-Aletia Alvarez, Founder, Madrona MindBody

“…incredibly well-taught. Wren is a SOLID teacher! I was seriously blown away by the space he held in the studio for each and every student…”
-Weekend Workshop participant

“I feel something shifted in my being. Something expanding where something was stagnant. Something moving where something was stuck. One part that stands out to me was when we were in close embrace and I was following as you moved your body in ways that were unfamiliar to me. It felt like I was being re-patterned. Very healing.” -Jean, Student

About Cocréa’s Work with College Students

“I feel strongly that [Wren’s] commitment to promoting community, social consciousness, balance and well being through movement serves as an excellent example to dance students, especially those who are considering a career in the dance profession. [He has] a truly remarkable ability to create an open and positive environment where students feel safe to explore new ideas through movement.”
– Megan Slayter, Assistant Professor of Dance, Western Michigan University

About Cocréa’s Festival Offerings

“Over the years I’ve watched transformational dance culture develop extraordinarily in the art of personal dance; each participant moving toward mastery in their particular style, range of movement and expression. It’s clear to me now, that on this cusp of evolution, all that has been cultivated within the individual dance is being called forth to engage in higher octaves of connection on the dance floor. As dancers learn to bring their refined skill into the shared space of partner dance, hidden gifts of this cultural movement will emerge and its bridge to the rest of the world will be fertilized. I foresee Cocréa acting at the forefront of this great emergence.”
– Amma Li, Co-Creator at OneDoorLand Synergenius Stew + Dios and Entheo

“From taking your workshop, I was inspired to teach a teen with cerebral palsy how to invite and dance with girls. Thank you!!”
– Cara Jean Flacke, Beloved Festival workshop participant

“LIFE CHANGING! Full of gratitude! Thank you so much!”
– Krista Louise, Beloved Festival workshop participant

About Connexus

“The buzz I kept hearing throughout the day from participants was that some of these workshops were the most important classes ever taught at any dance event or exchange and long overdue.”
– Milo Hayden, aka, MrMoo

“…such sweet, loving, heart opening, fun, playful, sacred, sensual, creative, intelligent, connective energy to dance and swim through… A new experience cherished by us all.”
– Viviana Lahrs, The Intimacy Forum

“It was paradigm shifting!”
– Mykael David Lazzeri, Stone Shaper at Illuminating World

Find out more about Connexus here.