Dance Journal 4 Morning Prayer from Nomad Dance on Vimeo.

Music: David Starfire

A wake you up in the morning dance. A thank you for the day dance. Thank you for another chance. Look at this amazing thing I am. Dance. A yeah-things-are-weird-but-fuck-it dance. I’m calling in a new way to prance, break the trance we’ve all been living in this is a new circumstance. All of life’s a stage, and watch the universal romance unfold. We’re spinning untold through the galaxy; who writes the now we write the right now and that’s how we do, is what we do. We’re coming through this darkness not unscathed but wearing our wounds like living rainbow serpents wrapped about us. The truth is breathing and making the decision each day to KEEP BREATHING. We are a seething, undulating voluptuous tapestry of understanding and forgivness is key in order to get to the next We. Are. Eternal. Dance.

I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to get something out before I could get the day on. You know sometimes you wake up feeling stuck in the body? I’ve been running around with a good chunk of anger just sitting in my belly. I find that when I’m able to just get into my body and fight with the air, grapple with no harmful intentions but to transmute the negative into something that will serve (like endorphins), I always come out of it feeling better.

So basically, yay exercise and yay doing it first thing in the morning. Set me up for a beautiful relaxed day of driving to Portland with my honey love. Sorry the upload is so late, traveling will do that.

I’ve been hearing some of you all say “this is so inspiring I want to do it too!” I really, really hope you do. I can not describe to you how much better I feel just after only 4 days of it. Seriously. If it speaks to you, just start. For me as a performer I’m realizing that so much of my career thus far has been so wrapped up in the ego of not only “how am I going to look out there” but how I’m going to be perceived by my audience… kinda related. The art world (all of them) are driven by what’s next; what’s new and innovative; what are people going to latch onto that’s inspiring and touches that beauty and truth that we want and need? For me that next innovation is seeing people in their authenticity in the moment; seeing real emotion that hasn’t been worked at, not a preplanned evening of material or a masterpiece that took countless fuck ups to create. I want to see the process – the journey. Frame the rejects and put those in the gallery for me to look at, to marvel at the exquisite devotion it took you to get to the final product. We’re all works in progress. You say, “people don’t want to hang that crap in their house?” I say, so what? It ain’t all about the money. You say, “people don’t care what garbage I make in the privacy of my own home?” I say, you’re dead wrong, cause they’ve been messaging me saying, “this, that you’re doing, I love it.” And I say, good, cause it’s what I got in this right here and now and I’m not stopping. Like or not. Damn… this music makes me write like this. I’m still pumped up. 😉

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Blessings and gratitude,

Wren LaFeet
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