Dance Journal 8 Refuge on Rails

Dance Journal 8 Refuge on Rails from Nomad Dance on Vimeo.

Music: Pistols and Crystals – Thriftworks
Mural credit: Josh Mays, Ashley Montague

I’ve always loved the stories of hobos and vagabonds who would jump boxcars and ride them for miles through the night. I always dreamed of being one of them, except I was afraid of the beatings I might sustain or even of getting murdered. But the romantic nature of trains still lives. I once rode from Oakland all the way to Chicago. 4 days on a train. That was enough to give me cabin fever, but I got to see the country in a way few do in this time. Slowly.

I’ve been struggling (as I know many are) with the speed at which our world moves. It seems a veritable pandemic addiction to being busy has swallowed us up, and with it, all of the lazy train rides we might take just for the fun of it. Or walks, bike rides, hikes, simply sitting on the back porch watching the light fade to gold in the late afternoon just before dusk sets in. That’s my favorite time of the day. The golden hour. My lady love posed a very compelling question to me last night: what would you be excited to do that would require you to give up seeing that time of day every day? Is there anything?

This building I’m dancing in front of used to be an event venue: The Refuge. Apparently, they got shut down because they didn’t install the proper sprinkler system or something. It was one of the few medium sized, privately owned venues in Portland where bigger names in the medium income bracket of musicians could come and play and pack a house while still making a decent wage. Praying for a forward thinking millionaire to buy it and do it right. Setting that prayer up high.

We’ve got to spread our joy and our art as far and as wide as possible. We’ve got to party in the places they least expect it, dance on the ground that’s been wounded and love everywhere in between. These tracks carry the goods from here to there and everywhere. The guys running the trains don’t see their homes too often probably. Must get pretty lonely out there on the rails. Hopefully whatever and whoever went through here today could feel a little of that love from me. Hopefully they find their refuge when they most need it and get the love they require.

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Blessings and gratitude,

Wren LaFeet
Wren in Flight

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  1. Carolyn Wakefield says:

    Lovely dreamscape…….that’s what I thought before I saw your written post. Well done Wren.

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