Entering the Fire Monkey of Mastery Portal

So far this year is nothing but a blazing, brilliant affirmation to live life as art and stay the present path. New Year was spent at OneDoorLand creating music with a potent group of music makers, drinking tea and expanding consciousness while of course, making music. Out of it and the days that followed at OneDoorLand came this raw, beautiful album of original songs.

Please listen, download, contribute. Feed the dream and the dream feeds YOU! Cymatic art by Elijah Parker of OneDoorLand.

The cocreation emerging from the spaces in this Portland community where organic play is allowed to flourish are incredible. This quote from the Gene Keys has been inspiring and yielding the most creative production lately:

“For magic to occur, all that is needed is some form of structure, and an open mind.”- #GeneKey11 Obscurity – Idealism – Light

Moving into this year, the Fire Monkey invites us to play in our wildest Mastery (#GeneKey16); fly forth from tree to tree trusting yourself with abandon; surrender into the knowing that your higher self has got this life shit on lock! Witnessing the honest, humbling truths that have emerged even in just this first week around being with discomfort, allowing it in my body, dancing it into my awareness and accepting that it – as well as everything else – is transitory, has solidified my own resolve to BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

What are you wishing for that you still resist? Where does it live in your body? How can you move it and push through the resistance by loving it, and surrendering to it? Mindfulness is providing an incredible tool for coming into mastery of my emotions. Often I find myself dominated and overcome by my negative emotions. I need to understand why they are happening! Only then can I move through them. I’m finding this is actually the opposite of how mindfulness works. First we have to accept that the emotion and feeling is real, allow it, accept it, embrace it as a real part of our experience. THEN, and ONLY then can we move it through and out of our bodies. Releasing judgment, comparison, any desire for it to be different; just breathe and let it be.

For those of you who may be a little like me in your need to intellectually understand this stuff before you can apply it, this webinar was of immense help to me in terms of giving me a scientific explanation of why mindfulness does what it does.

The Neuroscience of Somatic Attention: a key to unlocking a foundational contemplative practice for educators from Center for Contemplative Mind on Vimeo.

It’s well worth the watch! 😉

So happy new year! May you burst forth into the Enthusiasm of your LIFE! However that looks right now. Explore your Versatile self. Let the creative monkey out to play. Feed whatever fire feels most alive and listen to your body. Breathe. And HAVE FUN!

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  1. Elijah says:

    Beautiful article!! Thanks for the loving review and feedback, it’s an honor to co create with Nomad Dance. Fire Monkey of Mastery ACTIVATE

    • Nomad Dance says:

      ALL YEAR, Brother. ALL YEAR. 😉 Flying forth in joy and complete trust. Love you so much and thank you for all you do to anchor and infuse this community with beauty. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude. ~*~

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