Experiencing Body Intelligence


As I move deeper into mastery of my dance and of my self, it never ceases to amaze me when I can speak (even just clearly) about something as in defiance of verbal articulation as dance. I can describe my reasons for dancing, the philosophy behind it, the benefits, but I feel the act itself is beyond comprehension through intellectual means. And so as I gave this talk and listened to it again I continually found myself wondering where this stuff I was saying was coming from. I realized how much this work means to me when I discovered it was requiring almost no thought to answer the questions posed to me. I found I have truly begun living many of the ideas I speak to in this conversation and that they are fiercely and wondrously alive in me. Working with my partner, being in devotion to one another and to being our highest vibing versions of ourselves is creating a life I can confidently feel fulfilled by. Having this beautiful somatic practice of playing and moving in concert with one another is so sublime and uplifting, dynamic and challenging, always changing and evolving and deeply pleasurable.


Having the opportunity to offer some insights into the intelligence of the body and why it’s important to support an organization like the DanceFirst Association has given me the gift of further anchoring my conviction that dancing together can inspire change towards peace. Thank you so much Mark Metz (founder, The DanceFirst Association) and all the The Shift Network affiliates who created the Body Intelligence Summit. You are all doing incredible work in the world!

Here is my small slice of body wisdom with Cynthia Winton-Henry of InterPlay and Mark Metz of DanceFirst and Conscious Dancer Magazine. Enjoy!


This interview is part of the Body Intelligence Summit a free online event that featured interviews with many of the top experts in this emergent field! Sessions allow you to discover insights and practices that will help you become more deeply embodied — so that you can feel vibrant, connected, creative and joyful every day. For more information, please visit http://bodyintelligencesummit.com

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