Holiday Dance Deal Time!

Hello dancing friends!

Thank you all so much those of you who accepted our offer! It is now closed. We have lots of dancing to make good on. 😉 Until next Christmas, see you on the floor!

It is that time of year again here in the Northern hemisphere when we draw inside to be warm with friends, and strive to give thanks for the abundance life offers us. We are feeling incredibly blessed to be surrounded by love in our lives right now and want to share that with you by offering our Holiday Dance Deal once again! This year, it’s a little simpler:

photo: Lisa Byrne

Any private lesson for you, you and a friend, or that you want to gift to a friend or a couple of friends (whether they’re sweeties or not) is just $40. We’re working to simplify over here and make it easy for you to get dancing with us! Did you know that one of the greatest and easiest ways to stay warm is to get close with someone and move? Well, it is. It warms up the body, the mind, and most importantly, the heart. Just touching someone in the act of hugging releases oxytocin into the body – a hormone widely thought to play a crucial role in love bonding. Just imagine the love you can generate in a room of your friends dancing together!

Sending love and gratitude out to the world today.

Wren and Antje

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