Cocréa: Accessing Flow State in Partnered Dance

Dancing Cocrea @ Crazywood
We are so excited to come visit our coast family after much conversation and dreaming. This is just the beginning! We are looking forward to weaving with you more on the coast and activating ever more of our state in this epic connective dance practice.

Cocréa is a way of exploring conscious partner dance by embodying a few specific concepts:
– Spinaesthesia – Jedi musicality. Sensing music as movement in your body.
– Conversational dance – blurring the line between lead and follow.
– Polarity in partnership – dancing with duality and all the places along the spectrum.
– Technique – dancing sustainably, setting yourself up for a lifetime of dancing.
– Radical Presence – being aware of everything that’s happening in your body, with your partner and the space around you, all of the time, no matter what.

This workshop specifically will explore:
– Foundational Connection Technique
– Awareness refinement and Body Language Fluency
– Musicality, Subtle Listening, and Rhythmic Synchronization


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Willow Kasner

Also, a big THANK YOU to Oregon Coast Council for the Arts for your support.
Promoting and providing high-caliber arts experiences on the Oregon coast.