Come out on April 9th and learn some beautiful tools to connect with others on the Dance Pavilion floor and others everywhere!

Class description:
This 3-hour beginner workshop introduces the fundamentals of moving with rhythm and grace with another person. It incorporates universal lead and follow techniques and the mechanics of traveling, turning, and moving as one. Together we explore the symbiotic relationship of lead and follow through co-leadership and mutual expression.

Weaving basic connection techniques with depth of inquiry, this class is an opportunity to deeply and truthfully feel yourself with others, and courageously and playfully engage your body’s sensual genius. Before the technique, style, and flair, there is just You; your body, your feelings, your thoughts. The invitation is to slow down, go even deeper into the Radical Presence that the dance of life demands of us, to engage it authentically and completely; to connect with another and co-create unrepeatable moments of beauty, however you agree that looks to you.

Fee for beginner-level class: $20 if pre-registered, $25 at the door.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ocf-dance-program-presents-nomad-dance-cocrea-workshops-in-eugene-4916-tickets-22720829613
OCF Dance Pavilion Connexus Dance Collective workshop
photo: Geoffrey Silver

Co-Creating Kinetic Conversation
In verbal communication, when more than one person speaks it can be challenging to understand what’s being said. In movement, we can get away with a lot more simultaneous expression without looking at meaning, but it takes presence, clarity, and often, surrender. In this 2-hour intermediate level workshop, we’ll build on our foundational partnering movements growing solo vocabulary with musical specificity, discerning movement size propositional to frame shape and music intensity, and how to integrate these concepts to create dances alive with creative freedom AND deeply felt connection.

Fee for intermediate-level class: $20 if pre-registered, $25 at the door.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ocf-dance-program-presents-nomad-dance-cocrea-workshops-in-eugene-4916-tickets-22720829613
All class participants receive FREE ADMISSION to the FUZE: An OCF Dance Program event feat. Mr. Moo (EUG) event later that night!

We very much look forward to seeing all your smiling faces on the dancefloor!

A Note From Wren:

“This year will be my 12th consecutive Oregon Country Fair. My first one in 2005 changed my life forever. Since then, it has been the hub around which my year spins, and in many ways, how I mark the turning of the year. It is how I reference much of my change and growth, as well as trace back so many of the relationships that have catalyzed much of my transformation and creativity. I owe so much to this event.

“Even before my first Fair was over, I knew I wanted to make it a significant part of my life. As I moved through my second and third, it became clear to me that I wanted to participate and contribute in a way that fed the vision of community, family, and connection to tradition that I feel the Fair exudes; and I wanted that contribution to come through with my own personal flair. In 2008 I performed for ambiance dancing the 8 as my partner dancing clown alter ego, @The The Harlequin Hipsters; in years following, I gratefully got to play with both The Stage Left Circus and The Royal Familie Du Caniveaux. Always I held the vision of there being more partner dance at the Fair.

“In 2013, the dream became a reality as the Fair ramped up to launch the Oregon Country Fair Dance Program (New Area Dance Pavilion). It was everything I could have hoped and asked for, but never could have orchestrated as impeccably as the leaders of this project are currently doing. And now, this next level of my dream come true: being sponsored by the program itself to come and teach my own co-creation, Cocréa, and promote this incredible precedent setting endeavor for OCF goers and dancers in the connected community alike.

“Thank you Hilary Anthony and Shawn Kahl for believing in Antje and I’s work so steadfastly. I appreciate you two so immensely, I don’t really have the words. To the whole Dance Pavilion crew, Matthew McCune, Mike Taluc, Kirk H Shultz, Gustav Gustopia Sculptor, Richard Cawley, Maribeth Zanone, Willamena VonTwinkletoes, oh man there are so many more, but seriously, thank you all!!! Special THANK YOU to our Connexus Dance Collective who brings this work alive at the Fair: Carey French, Leah Vendl, Pamela Joy, and our new recruit, Shane Clark.

“This project makes my heart so happy and hopeful for a more dance-filled world!”