An American Dance Evolution

with special guest instructor, Lessa Lamb
November 15th & 16th

This two day workshop takes two undeniably American dance forms and brings them together in a unique synthesis. We’ll explore rhythmic and aesthetic similarities between Lindy Hop and Hip-Hop, their sweeping differences and how they play together musically and kinesthetically. Those familiar with either or both will learn new vocabulary to augment their partner dance and offer new tools for their solo game as well. In true Nomad Dance fashion, the movement will extend far beyond the dance floor as you also gear up for the dance of life; putting a little swagger in your daily swing for those extra tricky interpersonal moments that require you to adapt and improvise steps you never knew you knew.

– Hip-Hop Fundamentals
– Fusion concepts specific to Hip-Hop and Swing
– Footwork variations for Charleston
– Variations to the Swing-out for a straight four rhythm
– And so much more!

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