Join us for a day of classes geared towards refining our dance into a deeply grounded, highly connected practice of achingly subtle delight. Wren offers techniques for creating the shape, steps and attitudes that have supported the emergence of his strikingly fluid and connected style. Drawing from and honoring the lineage of Blues dancing as our foundational form, the classes will explore themes such as:
~The Subtle Art of Suggestion
~Stillness and Essential Movement
~Challenging the Idea of Form Limiting Expression
~The Empowered Lead / Grounded Follow and vise versa
~Allowing for the Emergent Quality of the Dance

And offer specific skills including:
~Integrating and Improvising Footwork
~Co-Rotation and Establishing the Lead as the Fulcrum of Rotation
~Timing to Make your Partner go “Aaaaaaaaaah dang!” 😉


Dancing Sky Studio
913 L St
Port Townsend, Washington 98368


Saturday, March 17th
11am – 3pm


Early bird tickets: $49
Pre-sale tickets: $59
Tickets at door: $69
Tickets available Here!

WREN LAFEET teaches partner dance internationally as a practice for mindful, authentic living, enlivening communities with his signature modality, Cocréa. An ardent proponent of pioneering a new renaissance through co-created movement, authentic connection and consensual touch, Wren offers facilitation for embodying joy at the center of structured social partner dance, conscious movement, authentic relating, sensuality as spirituality and luscious dance music. Dancing professionally off and on since 1999, teaching since 2008, and partner dancing virtually since he was in the womb, Wren’s work is deeply influenced by nature, relationship, mindfulness and messing up.

COCRÉA is a continually evolving holistic movement modality. It blends the connected, structural integrity of social partner dance, with the organic expression of free dance, concepts from contact improvisation and mindfulness practices. Intended to bring individuals into strong, empowered, expressive relationships with their bodies and their communities, participants learn to listen and respond in every moment to co-create spontaneously and practice presence moving together as one.

Through form, the freedom. We surrender into a deeply connected, structured and powerful set of tools for personal, interpersonal and collective growth.