In putting together the class content for this month’s Nectar Fusion Project, we all got together to tease out what exactly is fundamental about Fusion. What are we co-creating here? What about Fusion makes it unique as a dance form? The play of polarity between masculine and feminine energies came through as a principle concept, and not just between masculine and feminine, but polarity between opposites of all kinds. High and low, fast and slow; creating contrast in our movements, and having the awareness to know when something is shifting in the dance to adjust and adapt accordingly.

One technique point that we explored, which gave way directly to this dance was the idea of posting; that moment when a lead is given that is oppositional to the current flow of momentum. The person leading the post we discovered, is not necessarily indicating or inviting a stopping of movement, but a transition of their partner’s movement from directional to rotational that ultimately leads to a change in direction. In essence, a post is a marker that the flow of movement is about to change and can only be effective if one partner (can be the dancer defined as the lead or, as we’re discovering in Cocréa or “switch dancing”, either partner) asserts a strong choice to change the dance. Many good questions are raised about polarity in this inquiry and exploration. Thanks Jonathan and Antje for such a fun session! Love what’s coming through.

Join Antje and our awesome community for the next Nectar Fusion Project! They have been full and beautiful so far, this one with Entheo is sure to be as well.

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