How Does a Dance Event Create Buzz?

Nectar Fusion Project has landed. Under the faithful and graceful steerage of my love, Ms. Antje, many awesome friends from quite different (yet inter-related) circles came together under one roof to join in dance. In the vein of Connexus, this event had the same juicy and relaxed vibe we were able to co-create at our San Francisco events. I have such deep gratitude and praise for you, Antje, as you blossom into your authority as a producer of wondrous events. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play and offer my experience as your instruction coordinator and instructor for the evening. We’re learning so much about bringing people together to co-create connective, powerfully joyful experiences! From everything we witnessed and helped facilitate last Friday, I think we’re on the right track. 😉

Nectar Fusion Project is buzzing! We had about 30 people show up for the lesson last Friday. Next Nectar blooms January 9th! from Nomad Dance on Vimeo.

A couple things I read scrolling through the comments on Facebook:

It was amazing! thank you both so much for doing what you do and bringing so much goodness to this place.

– Jillian Brown, participant

Last night at Nectar Fusion was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had performing in a while… thank you to Antje Martina Schaefer for helming a project that is so daring and necessary for our community. Your brilliance is only exceeded by your passion.

– Milo Hayden, Nectar musician

I think it’s really good for musicians to dance. And often. Getting out on the floor has really helped me to connect to the music and “co-collaborators” in a direct, relaxed and less heady way. As music is my work, it’s often hard to leave the work at home… But dancing just burns everything down to the root feeling of it all. It’s more practice listening: to yourself and to your partner – with fewer notes and more groove – which is almost always a good thing. As I’m fond of telling my students to get with the basic feel, rhythm and emotion of a piece, I think dancing is as good a way as any to achieve this… my new years resolution is to dance. more. often.

– Zak Borden, participant

Such a dreamy night! Thank you Antje, Milo, tea pouring gentleman, wonderful dancers, and Justin for his beautiful feathery prints. A lovely space to connect in so many different ways. Nectar!

– Leah Vendl, dance community organizer and event volunteer

I think that about sums up my feelings as well. I had some great dances, got to be supportive whenever it was needed, and play with some of my favorite friends from all my different communities. I take this event as proof positive that not only CAN everyone dance when the desire and will are present, but latent in us all IS that desire to connect beyond words and beyond the world of form; to swim in the delight of sound and ideas embodied and connected to another in a flow of sensation and emotion. THIS is the power of partner dance. THIS is the power of Fusion; of Cocréa™. The pioneering of the field of Body Intelligence and conscious dance are well under way. Can’t wait for next month!

Next Nectar: January 9th!
Class theme: Connection to the Earth with Jonathan Janis

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