Private Instruction and Guidance

Receiving private instruction is the fastest road to improving your dance.

Benefits of private instruction include:

  • Consistent 1 on 1 interaction
  • Dedicated, zero distraction space and time frame
  • Instant feedback on your personal development
  • Work on moving to music YOU are interested in moving to
  • Skill building catered to building on your existing movement skill set
  • Able to lead AND follow and give feedback on both
  • Work on the skills YOU are interested in developing be they musicality, lifts, footwork, popping, locking, general improvisation technique or nailing your foundation.

“Because of you – your energy, your approach and everything – Ted and I have been closer than we have been in a couple of years. It was like some barrier was removed and we felt our connection again… we consider you a healer and better than any couples therapist we’ve ever known.”

-Carol Meer

Whether you’re seeking improvement in a specific style, developing connection and emotional intelligence or fine tuning embodied consent practices, through his 20+ years with social dancing experience in all kinds of environments and situations, Wren is the perfect person to support your journey! Book now!

To schedule a private dance lesson/session with Wren LaFeet, Click Here.