Dancing Cocrea @ Crazywood
We are living in a time when our will to act has outpaced our need to be still and listen. Yet movement is essential for our survival. How do we find balance?

Join Wren LaFeet and Melissa Mango for a day of somatic inquiry in which we will learn to listen to another human with our whole bodies. Using social partner dance as a vehicle for discovery, we’ll integrate cutting edge ideas around consent, asking, receiving, giving and how to track rapid changes in our partner in real time and be curious and interested in the process of becoming intimate with another.

Intimacy isn’t a place you arrive at; it’s an adventure you commit to. In our experience, it’s the willingness to be uncomfortable and remain invested that makes the peril of vulnerability worth it. In order to really hear a person, we must accept that we might not the first time round; we might loose our balance or step on someone’s toe. How do we come back to center with grace, humor and determination do it better?

Dance provides a fun and versatile platform to explore loaded concepts around communication and being met. Your facilitators are well practiced at generating a space of safety for you to step into and feel held to show up however you need to.

Location: DESIRE LAB
Desire Lab offers local and visiting artists safe space to explore, investigate, and pursue their creative desires.

$35 First 5 Tickets
$45 Thereafter
$50 At the Door
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Sunday, January 14th
11:30AM – 3:30


As a devotee of authentic human connection, Melissa assists clients in deep levels of healing and transformation, through intimacy coaching, hypnosis and holistic sex education counseling, classes and workshops. Melissa believes in being tastefully explicit so that her clients and students can learn in a clear and empowered way.

Her mission is to help other’s experience a healthy, passionate, shame-free sex-life, free of mental blockages, fear, religious or cultural stigma. Whether you are seeking to shift an old pattern in your life, implement lasting change or learn new techniques – Melissa is your facilitator and Muse!

A dancer in the Fusion social partner dance movement since it began, Wren’s journey of discovery began at the tender age of 15. Fueled by his curiosity around sexuality, the natural world and an awareness of “something” bigger than himself or anything he could see, his devotion to love has been his guiding light, and partner dance the method of his understanding. After a rigorous dance training at The Branson School, followed by a BA in Drama and Dance at University of Washington, and four years unsuccessfully cutting his teeth in the Seattle entertainment industry, his work truly came alive when he discovered the Gene Keys and the Beloved community in Portland and gained a holographic overview of humanity.

In working somatically with the contemplation of the Gene Keys and intuitively through listening to body language, applying his study of humanity through theater and his own felt sense, Wren has enabled countless students to dance with joy, helped free insights locked in the body, brought people into a greater awareness of their sensual nature and even assisted in the healing of chronic disease. Wren’s goal is to help guide people into right relationship with the moment; to listen and respond appropriately to what is being called for in service to the highest good of all involved. He is an author in the published work, “Reinhabiting the Village,” a TEDx speaker and your muse for all things movement.