MARCH 6-10TH, 2019
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••S H I F T  Y O U R  P A R A D I G M••

Spend 5 days and 4 nights in empowered, expressive relationship with your body, music, nature and intimate community. Relax into the beautiful jungle ocean oasis of Playa Dominical and the Danyasa Retreat, specifically designed to support your growth and learning. Discover how moving authentically with others can open your heart, free your mind and elevate your spirit to new highs you’ve only dreamed of.

Liberate yourself within the limitless realm of Cocréa.

“[Cocrea] was the missing piece in dance for me.”

– Terri Seltzer, Dallas, TX

Do you long for more connection and expression with your body? Do you value closeness and intimacy with others and desire more skills to create that in your life? Are community, nature and new experiences in new places things that bring you enrichment and vitality? Are you passionate about eating well, feeling good and sharing what brings you into your full, vibrant health with others?

DANCE YOUR MEDICINE is all about reaching our peak vitality through practicing intentional movement and community, imbibing pristine nature and food, embracing our sensuality and learning how to harness it for creating good in the world.


EMBODIMENT is the practice we invite you to cultivate; of your purpose, of your truth, of the unique medicine you bring and how to find that through moving your body with others.

SHIFT YOUR PARADIGM into a full love embrace of what turns you on and lights you up. Discover how living in acceptance and curiosity of your body and preferences, and how honoring that in others gives way to a radiant, thriving life.

“This is a [retreat] that breaks down the various components of partner dance vocabulary and helps you get it in your body so that you can really “do the partner dance thing”. It’s very clear and easy to follow and understand. You can watch your dance ability change right away, and it’s really fun.

-Maggie Simpson-Crabaugh, Cocréa Retreat Participant

JOIN THE MOVEMENT of conscious dance infusing the world with mindful connection and the pleasure of being alive. Adventure with Cocréa’s brilliant team of facilitators as they masterfully weave the themes of consent, emotional intelligence, radical self expression and holistic living through the mediums of movement, breath, music and touch.

••C O N N E C T • C R E A T E • E M B O D Y••

Fusion Partner Dance Playshops
Meditation • Yoga • Hip-Hop Classes
Jungle Waterfall Trips • Beach Hangs
Thai Massage • Dance Parties • Live Music
Pool Lounge • All Organic Meals • Tea
Love • And MORE!

Because of you and your energy and your approach and everything ted and I have been closer than we have been in a couple of years… [Wren], we consider you a healer and better than any couples therapist we’ve ever known.

-Carol Meer, Massage Therapist, workshop participant and private client

Why Partner Dance?

Dancing in intentional connection with others offers a wealth of benefits. It has been shown time and again how necessary it is for us humans to engage in healthy, physical contact with one another. We hold this truth at our core and endeavor to offer spaces for this need to be met in a good way. Building upon this foundational aspect of our humanity, Cocréa™ opens doorways to finding versatility and ease as we move through life.

Improve Communication
Improve awareness and sensitivity to emotional and physiological states of other people.
Practice listening to verbal and nonverbal cues.
Calm the mind to increase presence and attentiveness to another person’s sharing.
Increase emotional intelligence.

Embody Consent
Practice asking for and giving your full embodied No and enthusiastic Yes.
Honoring and respecting boundaries.
Interpreting and understanding body language.

Build Confidence
Practice taking risks and trying new things in a supportive environment.
Become more comfortable with spontaneously expressing yourself through movement.
Enjoy the experience of feeling grounded in a powerful, fluid body and calm, curious mind.

Practice Community
Add variety and fun to your week through playful interaction with likeminded people.
Gain skills you can teach to existing dance partners.
Experience a sense of belonging within the larger Cocréa™ and Fusion communities.
Connect online with national and international Cocréa™ community.
Have fun and laugh with new friends.

Expand Creativity
Open new neural pathways of self-expression through exploration of dance form and a diversity of music.
Strengthen and integrate all the parts of your body to support that expression.
Release self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from being fully expressed.
Develop trust in the phenomenon of emergence and learn to be guided by the moment.

Enhance Somatic Awareness
Discover movement of your body as a living wisdom within you.
Develop stronger body awareness for more graceful movement.
Master spatial awareness for greater ease of movement in daily life.
Find flow as you move through your world.



Rainforest soul. Alegria music. Andean shamanic melody meets Afro-Latin percussion with a dose of global bass.
A lifetime student, traveler, and musical omnivore navigating the global oceans of sound and culture…
Yemanjo is a DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer making medicine music for the 21st century.



Danyasa offers beautiful on site accommdations in sweet, comfy rooms.

For your comfort and convenience we have the following available:
• Single Beds: shared occupancy rooms (rooms sleep 3) – 18 spots available
• Private Queen Beds for singles or couples – 6 rooms available

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A dancer in the Fusion social partner dance movement since it began, Wren’s dancing has largely informed fusion as an emergent aesthetic dance form. Fueled by his curiosity in spirituality, the body, global community, the natural world and relationships, and guided by his devotion to love and the idea of the Beloved, partner dance has served as the vehicle for his inquiry and understanding. He has inspired the formation of multiple fusion dance communities on the west coast of North America, and teaches partner dance internationally as a practice for mindful, authentic living through his signature modality, Cocréa. His facilitation encourages individuals to create themselves as safer spaces for the embodiment of the full range of human expression. Promoting dance as medicine, spirituality and salve for our modern ailments of disconnection and alienation, his practice insists we trust our bodies with the music and our partner to catalyze elevating our whole being into higher vibrational states.

Working with the holographic overview of humanity provided by the Gene Keys and combining its contemplative practice with his own somatic exploration and intuitive listening through the body, as well as his study of human conflict through theater, Wren empowers individuals and communities to dance with joy, helps free insights locked in the body, coaches people to more easily access their sensuality and even on privileged occasion supports the healing of chronic disease. Wren’s deepest desire is to guide people into right relationship with the moment; to listen and respond appropriately to what is being called for in service to the highest possible good. He holds a BA in Drama and Dance from the University of Washington, is an author in the published work, “Reinhabiting the Village,” a TEDx speaker and your muse for all things somatic.


Usha Rose is a Somatic Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Dance and Yoga Teacher, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She is trained in the Somatica™ Method of Sex and Relationship Coaching and is a graduate of the International School of Temple Arts Practitioner Training. She also spent three years studying closely with Sonika Tinker and Christian Pederson in the LoveWorks Relationship Training Mastery Program, including two years in the Assistant and Leadership Program.

She is the co-founder of Foothills Fusion Dance, a weekly, social dance in Grass Valley, CA and co-founder of Convergence, an annual Ecstatic and Fusion dance mini-festival in Northern California. She is also the Production Manager and Facilitator for Cocréa, a mindful partner dance company that produces transformational dance retreats and workshops around the globe.

Usha Rose discovered the conscious dance community in 2010 when she started attending Ecstatic Dance Oakland. Since then she has studied SoulMotion™ with Vinn Marti and Zuza Engler, completed the JourneyDance™ Teacher Training with Toni Bergins and continues to be inspired by the many teachings of Contact Improv and 5Rhythms™.

She took her first partner dance class (Salsa) in 2005, although she was first introduced to partner dancing as a young child in her living room with her grandmother who was an avid Lindy Hop dancer. It was around 2010 when Usha discovered Blues dancing, and soon thereafter fell in love with Fusion dancing. She has studied several other partner dance forms including Salsa, Tango, Swing and Zouk, to name a few. In addition to teaching locally, she has taught dance at several events around the country including Enchanted Forest Gathering, Jumpsuit Family Gathering and Northern California Dance Camp.


Joe has been a professional dance performer and teacher for nearly two decades. In his studies and world travels he has developed a unique style with influences including hip hop, breaking, contact improvisation, and fusion partner dance. Joe fuses these forms together in a dynamic and distinctive style. His love and passion for dance has enabled him to perform at major events for Sony, Pixar, Oracle, and more. He has presented several workshops at universities including University of San Francisco, Stanford, and Sonoma State University.

Joe has began cultivating a new aesthetic for partner dancing called Hip Hop Fusion and has led workshops at Symbiosis Global Eclipse Gathering 2017 and will be presenting at Sonic Bloom and SoulPlay in 2018.

He is excited to collaborate with like minded artists and to help the community embrace the power of performing arts.
Joe believes that dance is in our DNA. At the core of our being, everyone is a dancer. We are dance, and dance is life.


Chrissy can’t remember when it began, but dance came as naturally as breathing to her body. From a young age she studied dance primarily in the form of solo movement for performance and competition. Her first dance company saw her through many early professional opportunities, and her love of choreography took her to organize Pulse Dance Project, NYU’s first student-produced dance performance group. Eventually, she found that in many ways, her professional training was limiting her growth by under-valuing the uniqueness of all bodies. This awakening led her to the yoga studio. Her first and most honest class startled her with its resonance, springing her awakened life forward into opening after opening.

She trained in the summer of 2009 with Yoga to The People, dove right into teaching 10+ classes a week and gaining the YTTP studios in Berkeley and San Francisco a foothold. Until 2013, she was a prominent teacher for YTTP, when she moved out to the Northern California foothills. At the first night of Foothills Fusion Dance in 2015, Chrissy committed to a new dance form. Partner dance intimidated, allured and in time deeply transformed Chrissy’s being. No other practice has contributed so much to her unfolding as mindful partner dance. Now, her offerings are weaving through the overlapping layers of yoga and dance, inspiring each of her teachings with the other.



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