In the pursuit of excellence in all we do, there should be no compromise in the expression of our highest and most powerful truth. Making this sticker spawned from a conversation with a dear friend of mine, Hargobind, who is a true brother on a Dharmic quest. We were playfully exploring the idea of purpose and how one finds it in this life. With so many options and passions and interests flying around us all the time, how do we choose? How do we evaluate honestly what we are good at and then make an informed decision on a path that will lead us to fulfillment and that ephemeral but infinitely important of all outcomes, happiness?

“Rock Out with Your Dharma Out” is as much a call to action as it is a playful tag line. An earnest request that you dig deep inside, go into fierce inquiry with yourself and ask, “Why AM I here?” What are you uniquely gifted – coded – with that will fulfill your need for being here on this planet at this time? How can YOU most powerfully affect others in service during this potent epoch? And as a dear friend has been counseling me lately, your purpose, your vocation, should be about you genius and your pleasure. What makes you happy to be engaged in? For me, it’s dance. Teaching others how to move their bodies in conversation with one another is powerfully satisfying, because over the last 15 years I have received so much healing and joy from doing it myself and I find I have an incredible gift in teaching that others truly respond positively to. There is a beautiful synergy that comes from the exchange of touch and of knowledge; I learn so much about the kinds of relationships I want to have with each new student I work with. No interaction ever has to be one way. We all have wisdom and medicine for each other. With all of our unique life paths leading to this intersection, how could we not?

And then there are the stamped seals of sacred geometry endowing the somewhat rebellious and simultaneously, sincere statement with a sense of the mystical. Finding your Dharma, your order, the way in which you will move in synergy with the universe, is a mystery to unfold. Relax and let go into it. Relish the journey. Have fun with it. Be out about your passions! Do not subvert or sublimate them by doing “what you think you should”. You live in this body but once. Try it all and don’t downplay the importance of discovery. Now is at hand! So rock out on your path to joy and happiness. Dance to music you don’t understand. Invite, invoke and incite the mystery to play in your daily life. Trust yourself. You know what you are here to do.

Listen. Respond. Be free.

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