Filled to the seams with an eclectic grab-bag of countless creative types, Symbiosis provides a temporary playground for thinkers and dreamers. A magical aura surrounds the unique and beautifully crafted stages, and the entire event had an added mystical energy due to the highly-anticipated solar eclipse. As is to be expected, the line between where the music began and ended seemed as blurred as the edges of the clouds floating in the painted sky.”



Wren LaFeet and Phaedra collaborate with Random Rab to open for the Sun and the Moon. No big deal. O_o


The Gypsy Diaries | Wrap-Up: Symbiosis 2012 [Photos by Zipporah Lomax].



“…Random Rab – conjurer of the tingly, round, seductive, dreamy sounds so perfectly encapsulating the West Coast – played right before and into the beginning of the cosmic alignment we had all been waiting for. There were two dancers at opposite ends of the stage; a man in white and a woman in black, symbolizing the Sun and Moon. They ever-so-slowly inched closer and closer together, their movements barely perceptible, much like the movement of the Moon through the Sun.

They finally culminated in an embrace, just as the Moon was directly over our beloved blazing ball, creating the beautiful illusion of a “ring of fire.” Once this happened, the entire festival went silent. All sound shut off (an incredibly sacred moment, after 4 days of non-stop booming beats round-the-clock). A ripple of OMs went through the 8,000+ crowd, generating the most powerful, beautiful hum of the universe I have ever experienced. I’m pretty sure they could hear us from Outer Space.”



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