Cocréa Mindful Partner Dance Inspired Facilitator Training

September 2019 through March 2020

Northern California

Are you holding a knowing that the human race could be struggling so much less, yet struggling yourself with how to offer the remedy in your heart and through your body?

Do you anticipate a great shift in human awareness from mental primacy and competition to embodiment and cooperation?

Are you longing to help people access the joy of moving together but feel unsure of your ability to lead groups effectively or that you lack the framework or information to generate transformation reliably?

Do you sense a great power within yourself to hold transformational containers but think you lack the practical skills to draw people into them?

The invitation: join a growing global population of conscious, mindful movement facilitators and embodied leaders inspiring people to embrace the pleasure, intelligence and freedom resting in their bodies.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Tired of playing small in the world.
  • In love with dance and want others to experience the joys and benefits of moving together.
  • Ready to make your important contribution to shifting human awareness to value and deeply consider the genius of the body.
  • Hearing your calling to become a movement facilitator and wanting to focus on connection, co-creation, consent and authentic communication.
  • Looking for ways to develop relational, somatic intelligence in your existing practice.
  • A community leader and/or facilitator desiring to generate more coherence within your community.
  • A social dance instructor eager to take your dancing and your teaching beyond technique, style and convention to embracing it as a holistic pathway of healing, relating and spiritual practice.
  • Embracing dance as medicine and stoked to become a leader in an embodied revolution.


This training will support emerging facilitators by offering powerfully beneficial tools for:

  • bringing people into connection with themselves, the earth, music, others, community and spirit
  • crafting the container for their practice before they’ve stepped in the room and after
  • developing observation, deep listening into spaces for and improvisation towards what will be of the highest service
  • empowering your voice to speak from trust of your intuition

Watch Wren’s TEDxTalk, Pioneering the New Renaissance through Movement for a feel of his style, presence and message.

 “Life changing, transformative, all the words, and yet the not so easy to put into words energy of Wren and who he be’s with the dance, himself and us as the collective dance group. His exercises, presence, guidance, allowance, and brilliance at what he does, just pretty much blew everyone away.”

-Amy Cristol Hirsch, Weekend Immersion Participant


The Goal: to empower you and train you to as fully inhabit yourself and your genius to deliver your unique message as an empowered, embodied leader. This is not strictly about embodying the teachings of Cocréa so you can teach partner dance; it is about liberating the YOU that is burning to give its best and brightest in service to the Whole.

The training will consist of two(2) 5-day training intensives tentatively scheduled near Mendocino, CA in September, 2019 and March, 2020. Additionally, it will include six group calls and six 1-on-1 sessions spaced out over 6 months while you develop your teaching and engage community members in your emerging practice. The Early Bird tuition is $5,498. If needed, there is the option of spreading that tuition out over 12 months in a payment plan of $500/mo totaling $6,000.

Are you ready to become a somatic revolutionary? Fill out the interest form here and Wren will contact you to schedule a discovery session.

Modules of this program will include:

  • Mapping Consciousness in the Body: The Cocréa Model
  • Embodying Relational Genius
  • Crafting the Container: Embodying Your Message and Filling the Room
  • Improvisational and Physical Theater Exercises for the Embodied Leader
  • Harnessing Your Voice
  • Creating Intimate Community


“[Wren is] the next voice of conscious dance.”

-Aletia Alvarez, Founder of Madrona Mindbody

With this training, we at Cocréa want to help you discover the font of your genius; to dive powerfully into your lineage and discover the personal mythos you are here to live through your embodiment practice.

If you feel a strong readiness to claim your purpose as an embodied leader and mindful movement facilitator, head on over to fill out the interest form here and Wren will contact you to schedule a discovery session.

Wren LaFeet

Wren is a somatic permissionary facilitating partner dance internationally as a practice for mindful, authentic living, enlivening communities with his signature modality, Cocréa. His mission to vitalize and inspire the world has inspired numerous Fusion dance communities on the West Coast of North America using Cocréa as a method of personal growth and spiritual alignment with right livelihood that places us in right relationship with each other, our communities and the Earth. As a form of dance and sense therapy, as well as social permaculture, his practice focuses on trusting our bodies with the music and our partner to catalyze higher vibrational states and cultivate resilience. In addition to earning his BA in Drama and Dance from the University of Washington, Wren is a TEDx speaker, featured author in “ReInhabiting the Village”, and enthusiastic leader in pioneering a new renaissance revolutionizing embodied awareness into a planetary age.