Why Cocréa?

Some original musings of Wren and Antje and clips from Cocréa™ events in the early conceptual years. Original music performed live by Water Eye.

TEDxBend: Bending Rules

Wren’s TEDxBend Talk from 2012: Pioneering a New Renaissance through Movement.

Fusion Underground

This video, dreamed up by Joe Gray and brought to life by an exception crew of humans, really does capture sublimely the essence of the feeling I strive for when I dance, and what I hope others will experience when they choose to explore Fusion. Cocréa™ is devoted to sharing this feeling out into the world with as many people as possible.

Seattle Fusion Festival 2015 Instructor Demo

This event is always glorious. Each teacher for this three day Fusion Partner Dance festival gives a short presentation of their style. Here is Cocréa to the sublime and etherial music of our dear OneDoorLand friends, Entheo . Visit Seattle Fusion Festival’s website for details on their next event!

Art and Performance

Wren and Kelly Howard – Harlequin Hipster Throwback

Another Kelly and Wren team-up, this one harkened back to Cocréa’s quirky adolescence as a “swing dancing clown troupe” before it became Nomad Dance and later, Cocréa.

Creative Contemplation – Gene Key 18

Wren LaFeet – Gene Key 18 Integrity from Onedoorland on Vimeo.

This work will forever remain informed by the beautiful and full spectrum relationship between Cocréa™ co-creators, Wren LaFeet and Antje Schaefer. This video was created in the midst of that journey and in the spirit of transparency, and offering a holistic, human view of how this work has and continues to evolve, please enjoy.