Reading the Gene Keys this morning, my heart key, #4 came up. Intolerance to Forgiveness through the gift of Understanding.

“At the Shadow frequency, you identify absolutely with your emotional state, which defines the way you live your life. Any unresolved emotional pattern is taken up by your mind and built into a highly intricate logical framework that masquerades as the absolute truth”

I was suddenly flooded by the realization again that this was exactly what was happening all summer for me around losing my home and my feelings of anger, betrayal and loss of faith in my friends (which has since been mostly repaired through contemplation of this key… and talking). I’ve spoken to this before but it seems important to revisit for clearly this is a huge collective assignment we have; to change this plague of emotional reaction that holds us in false assumption. Just last night, Antje and I were discussing the importance as facilitators of creating the set and setting for people to have a true transformational experience. We must feel safe to go to the depths of our shadows if we’re to emerge into the light and joy of our awareness. This passage highlighted that idea for me in the micro of our relationships and how we chose to initiate our dances.

If we approach each person we wish to dance with settled into some engrained, unresolved emotional pattern, that pattern will play havoc on our dances! …and our relationships. It’s as important to do the internal work on ourselves – the shadow dance of non-attachment to our emotions – as the external work of developing technique, posture, musicality, and all the other aspects that make dance wondrous. If we can set our state to the understanding frequency that mistakes may be made and miscommunication WILL happen, we can release the expectation that every dance will be perfect and forgive everyone (in the room and not) before intolerance even has a chance to present itself. Then non-truth can not exist in our minds; only the reality of what’s happening right in front of us. Miscommunication can turn into a fun, joyful experience of creating a new move together; a deeper – or at least different understanding of the music and the way our bodies respond to it. It might look silly, and who really cares?

Being aware that we are letting an emotion or emotions run us is the first step towards forgiveness. I’m going to make an honest practice of coming into this awareness every time I’m about to walk into a dance:

“I release any negative emotion or expected outcome that might prevent me from fully appreciating the moment and the person I’m experiencing it with, while holding my center joyfully.”

This way, I don’t unconsciously force anyone to dance in my negative emotional state without their permission. Creating the set and setting for transformation in myself, I invite all who interact with me into an experience of positive connection and joy! Happy Monday!

The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA by Rudd, Richard

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