I just love it when popular film hands me a good metaphor I can directly apply to my life. Before I saw Tomorrowland, I had never heard this adage of choosing between feeding the mean, fearful, angry, “bad” wolf, and the happy, friendly, light, “good” wolf. Whichever one inside us gets fed more, grows stronger.

As we grow in life, we always have the option of feeding one of these two wolves, and of course, there’s far more than just two at any given moment. It’s a balancing act – a dance; to always be discerning in any given moment – to be mindful – of what state we are choosing. Negative, or positive.

Dancing always puts me in a more positive state. It’s my go to when I’m feeling constricted. Even if it doesn’t pop me into ecstasy, I always feel a little higher up the vibrational scale after moving a little. Last weekend in Vancouver, Antje and I were teaching and we had to give this demo. It had been a little rough sailing the previous 30 hours or so, and particularly unpleasant directly before walking in the studio. Only through her strength, presence and compassion feeding the “good wolf” and sitting with me – talking through the situation – was I able to lift myself up enough to see what was in front of me; I was supposed to teach a class, and then DJ right after this demo, so I knew I had to pull it together and be present, and try to have a good time.

Dancing with the fine Vancouver folks lifted me even higher. By the time we had to give our demo, I was feeling pretty good. During the dance, I didn’t feel it was particularly spectacular – common performer’s judgement, but I made a conscious choice to have fun. The crowd loved it, and being in performer mode always gives me an additional boost. I could have chosen to show up begrudgingly, out of obligation, and just muddle through, but I knew if I could apply my own practice, connect to my breath and just be present with the music, my center and my partner, it would go well.

I wouldn’t say this is our best dance ever, but there’s some fun stuff in here, and watching it with a critical eye to see what I was going through mentally and what showed up physically is super valuable for me in my continuing growth as an artist, teacher, and human in the ever evolving dance of relating with others and my world. Remembering that I can always choose to feed the “good wolf”, no matter how strong and overpowering the “bad wolf” may appear to be. We are so much stronger than our minds would have us believe.

Where can you choose to feed the “good wolf” more often in your life? Who would benefit from you choosing a more positive state and actively dropping into presence more often?

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  1. NameChris says:

    Love this analogy. Way to stay present, even in the face of a challenge! Keep up the great work!

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